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Information for Consumers Regarding the Suspension of Service by Streamline Air, LLC
                                                             Public Charter carrier Streamline Air, LLC d/b/a Streamline suspended all flight service effective September 14, 2012.   
                                                             If you do not receive the transportation you purchased from Streamline, there are two primary means of pursuing a refund:
                               Credit card purchases
                                              If you charged your Streamline ticket to a credit card, you may be able to have the cost of the ticket credited to your credit card account.
                                               Write to your credit card issuer, being sure to state your account number.  Attach a complete copy of any evidence of the purchase,
                                               indicate the price of the ticket(s), scheduled flight date and the date that the purchase was charged to your card.  State that Streamline 
                                              has ceased flying and that you will not receive the services that you charged to your account, and that you are requesting a credit pursuant 
                                              to the Fair Credit Billing Act.
                                              Under the law, this notice must be received by the credit card issuer no later than 60 days after the date that you received the first 
                                              monthly statement that listed the charge for the Streamline Air flight. However, credit card companies sometimes waive this deadline for future
                                               transportation that is not provided. 
                               Cash or check purchases
                                              If you paid for your Streamline ticket by cash or check, you should make a written request for a refund to that carrier's escrow agent and securer.
                                                Credit card customers may file claims with their credit card issuer and with the escrow agent, but the consumer should advise both parties that
                                               he/she is filing a claim with the other.  The escrow agent and securer are:

Escrow Agent






Shelby Financial Corporation


The Hanover Insurance Company

5 Great Valley Parkway


440 Lincoln Street

Suite 110


Worcester, MA 01653

Malvern, PA  19355



Toll Free: 877-933-1608 ext. 115


Reference: Security Agreement 1930055

                                              In your claim, make reference to Streamline Air, LLC and include the names, dates, amounts and destination of your flights.  
                                              Send a copy of all claims to Streamline Air LLC, at the following address:
                                              By US Mail                                         By Email
                                              Streamline Air, LLC                
                                              3967 Forestridge Drive
                                              Richfield, Ohio 44286 
                                              Department of Transportation rules provide that consumers have 60 days after the date their trip would have been completed to file a claim with 
                                              the securer.  If you request a refund through your credit card company and your claim has not been acted on within 60 days of the date of your
                                              Streamline flight, you should be certain also to file a claim within that time period with the escrow agent and the securer.


For all other inquiries, please send an email to: or call 1-855-359-7876